Wedding Consulting

Just need some quick advice from a pro?  We’ve got you covered.  Our customized consulting package offers you real time, face-to-face guidance with an event pro with almost 20 years experience in the Special Events field.  Includes a list of our preferred vendors and suggested timelines. May be applied towards a comprehensive planning package.Learn More

Comprehensive Wedding Planning

We do all the work.  You get to sit back and enjoy your engagement!  The client may be as involved as they wise, but we take care of all the heavy lifting!

Comprehensive Planning carries you from the moment of your engagement until you get back from the honeymoon!

Let us make planning your special day stress-free!

Call us today to melt away the wedding planning stresses!Learn More

Social Party Planning

Do you or a loved one have a milestone celebration coming up?

Do you want to host a cocktail or holiday party that will make you the envy of your friend circle?

Are you or someone you know engaged or expecting?

Not to worry!  We have you covered with expert party planning!

Email us today for assistance planning the milestones in your life!Learn More

We’re here to make you look good…

With our year’s of experience, connections to all the right vendors, and an unmatched level of attention to detail, its our passion to make you the perfect host!

Don’t delay…

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